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What's the Center of Hope?

img 1The Center of Hope is a residential Christian discipleship recovery program in Clearwater, Florida. We are not a half-way house nor a homeless shelter. Our program is based on the unconditional love and grace of God. We focus on our identity in Christ and who God has made us as His children. We believe that every facet of the program has the potential of doing an outstanding job of transforming the men's hearts. 

Our Mission

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The Center of Hope Discipleship Training Center is committed to working to improve the Tampa Bay area by providing Christ centered supportive housing, training, opportunities and resources to men and their families to help enhance their lives and improve their communities.

Our Vision

The vision of the Center of Hope is to reach out to the unreached community of the addicted here in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. A hidden community within our nation that no one wants to talk about. The hidden hurts, hidden pains and hidden shame that keeps people in their life-long bondages. Every household has them. We can help!

Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ: it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."

The Program

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Those who wish to enter the program must commit to the rules of the program. We ask for a 3 month commitment. The 3 month period is for the purpose of pouring into the lives of those who choose to come to the program. That includes Christ centered devotions, classes, bible studies, church services, curriculum, book-work, work therapy, counseling, etc. After the 3 month period there will be an evaluation to determine if the potential client can stay for another 3 months and begin transitioning. Fees for the program are $140.00 a week , which in the first 3 months of the program is paid for by the work therapy projects at the Center of Hope. After the first 3 months the client (unless told otherwise) will begin to look for outside work and is responsible for paying their own program fees. In the transition stage of the program, the client is asked to give back to the ministry by doing volunteer work at the Center of Hope, as well as, attend church services and certain classes and devotions(unless told otherwise). There will be an evaluation every 3 months for up to at least a year. Upon graduation we do whatever we can to help residents transition back into society. This process is subject to change! For information on getting into the program, please click here to go to our intake page.


Addiction Has No Prejudice!

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Addiction is an epidemic throughout the U.S. today and it holds no boundaries on age, race, gender or financial standing. We seem to picture that only homeless people are the ones affected, but that's not true. Addiction affects millions of lives, the individuals and their families, every day. It steals thousands of lives every year through automobile accidents as well as overdoses. Over 90% of the people in jail or prison are there because of drugs or alcohol, as a result of being under the influence, possession, or crimes to support their addiction. This epidemic is out of control.


img 1We have an 85% success ratewith clients who complete our program, which takes 12 months.

Over the past 10 years we touched over 1000 lives. They have regained meaningful full time work, being productive parts of society. Many have been reunited with families. Many have attended Bible College and many are in full time ministry. Over 300 people have been baptized. Thank you Jesus!

Ministry Information

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Center of Hope Inc.
15590 59th St. N.
Clearwater, FL 33760
(727) 729-8399

The Center of Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization lead by Pastors Dale. Email Pastor Dale at:

Pastor Dale Hendry - President
Pastor Daniel Dunn- Director
Pastor Anthony Mc Daniels - Director
Ron Urritia- Director
Brad Tatum- Director

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